Aerospace Power Group GmbH is a joint venture company founded in 2020 in canton Zürich, Switzerland by Arc Power GmbH (Switzerland) and Neohm Componenti srl (Italy).

Arc Power GmbH is a Swiss company, founded in 2016, with the goal of offering power supply solutions for space applications including standard hybrid DC/DC converters, built in accordance with European Space Agency (ESA) standards, and based on European semiconductors.

In 2017 Arc Power has been admitted to Glatec, the business incubator of EMPA, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, located in Dübendorf (ZH), where Arc Power has established its engineering offices. In 2019 Arc Power made a development of a Standard hybrid DC/DC converter 28V input, 15W dual output with the EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) within an ESA Frame Contract for EPFL laboratory support​ and started a GSTP E1 “Develop” activity with ESA for the development of an “Hybrid DC/DC converter controller based on integrated Power Switch ASIC for small converters” (ESA ITT AO/1-9304/18/NL/AF)​, supported by the Swiss Space Office (SSO), DLR (German Space Agency) and ESA. At the end of 2019 Arc Power was the winner of the BIC of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and started the development of a non isolated Point of Load device based on CERN technology.  

In 2020 Arc Power GmbH and its production partner Neohm Componenti srl decided to enter in a joint venture agreement to bring together to the space market the new DC/DC converter modules designed by Arc Power GmbH and the hybrid DC/DC converter modules, with space heritage, designed and manufactured by Neohm Componenti srl.

Neohm Componenti was established in 1990 and it absorbed the know-how, trade mark and experience of Neohm Elettronica S.p.A., which was a company active in the market of electronic components for nearly thirty years.

Since then, the company has been technologically updating with an improvement of both the production lines and the indirect structure so to guarantee a perfect compliance to the market needs, with main focus on space, aerospace and railway industry.

In March 2018, the company was acquired by a consortium and the new corporate structure consolidates the company. To date, Neohm Componenti area of business is the study, design, development, industrialization, production and sales of electronic components, boards and hybrid microcircuits.

The deep knowledge of hardware, software and production process design of products and sophisticated electronic systems has allowed Neohm Componenti to finalize several space projects and guarantee partners the achievement of process and product performance.

Since 1994 the Microelectronics department is active in the field of space, developing with original approach very complex hybrids for Fiar (now Leonardo - Milano)

Hybrids H1 and H2: the two hybrids are thick film low power hermetic hybrids designed according to ESA PSS 01-610 design rules and manufactured to comply with ESA PSS 01-608. The hybrids were designed on 1994 and manufactured starting in 1995. The approach has been certified from Matra-Marconi and proven in flight on SICRAL and Hot Bird V.

Hybrid 3: design and delivered, with the same approach of H1 and H2, in 1997 - 1998 for FIAR (now Leonardo) to be used in the GSTB program. 

Hybrid LNAdesigned and delivered on 1996 ¸1998 for Officine Galileo (Florence). The Hybrid LNA  (Low Noise Amplifier) has been designed and manufactured according to ESA PSS 01-608, with Add-On component evaluation performed on dedicated test structures. Using sample of LNA as test structure, a complete Capability Approval program according to ESA PSS 01-606 has been performed.

Hybrid H4: is an Hybrid developed and mass manufactured by Neohm for Cosmo Skymed program. This program was developed for Earth observation by ASI (the Italian space agency) as the first dual observation system, fulfilling both civil and military purposes. Launched in 2007-2008, has been used by UN and other organizations to help people in different catastrophic events. The manufacturing approach was the one used also for H1, H2, H3. 

Hybrid H5 (satellite DC/DC converter)is an Hybrid developed and manufactured by Neohm for the Saocom program in cooperation with Nerviano’s team of Leonardo Finmeccanica. The Saocom program is composed of two satellites for Earth observation promoted by Conae (Argentine space agency), the first one was launched in October 2018, while the second has been launched mid of 2020. The hybrid is a DC/DC converter with 5 regulated secondary voltages, mounted on the PSU boards of the satellite. The H5 hybrid consists of capacitors, thick-film resistors, active components in chip form and magnetics and was intended for use in high reliability space applications; it is able to withstand a total radiation dose of 50 Krads (Si). The H5 Hybrid was subjected to screening activities in accordance with para. 10.3 of ESA document ECSS-Q-ST-60-05C "Generic Procurement Requirements For Hybrids", testing level 1.